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Accurate translation means that the spirit of the document, or the author's intent and purposes, as well as all technical terms, have been reproduced in the target language without distortions, omissions, or additions, with the maximum possible accuracy.

Mission statement

This website is about quality translations.

A poor translation may cost people a prohibitive amount of money and waste a lot of time engaging in needless correspondence or useless research.

An inaccurate translation, and sometimes the wrong term, can be a source of big trouble. This applies to manuals of vital equipment or machinery and medicine, because machines and medicines could be lethal if misused. If the required maintenance of machinery or equipment is not conducted on time, or is done improperly, a very expensive piece of equipment may turn to a pile of scrap.

As a former patent attorney, I know how much companies and individuals had to pay extra as a result of a poor translation of patent applications, correspondence, and other important documents. Alternatively, in the social area, an incorrect translation of a love letter may become the reason for an unintentional and tragic breakup!

There is no such thing as "dictionary overuse".
The motto is: Verify, verify, and verify!
One cannot be 100% certain until all sources have been consulted even if there is a minor doubt about some term or the expression of a particular phrase.

The services offered here are both conventional and unique.
They are conventional because other people are offering to do translations for you. My translation services are unique because my approach to translation is different from what you can usually find in the marketplace.

If you believe that translation quality is equally important to you as the translation turnaround time, and you are also looking for a price that is lower than what you would normally see in translation agency price lists, then please click here to see the advantages I offer.